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How to Have a Cozy Fall Night In!

Fall time is here, and we are all here for the cozy weather, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Ugg boots! I mean who could argue with a person that just wants to stay in the house for a cozy night? All the Fall classics showing on the tv, the leaves falling in different colors, and the cute family pictures of kids at the Pumpkin Patch, make you Fall in love with Fall. (I'm corny, I know) Let's get your checklist ready for a night in the house with your girls, family, or spouse, because we have the TOP ways to make your night IN, perfect!

Clear Your Schedule

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb, and afterwards really give your attention to your loved ones or yourself. If this is a self care night, then zone out to your own thoughts. If you are inviting people over, nobody likes to get cozy with someone who is scrolling down their social media feed. Either way, give the time that's needed to have a relaxed night that's free of stress.

Grab Some Soft Blankets and Pillows

You can't have a cozy night in, and not be cozy! Put on some Pj's, or sweat pants and feel comfortable. If you are having some friends over, maybe a cute basket of socks available for them to put on. Making a pillow fort on the floor is always something nice to do with the kids, and sharing a blanket on the couch with your spouse is always a winner. I personally love the nook in my sectional couch with a nice throw blanket!

Don't Forget the Snacks

Think of a nice glass of red wine, some Warm Apple Cider, or even a nice Old Fashion. I prefer chips or popcorn, when watching a movie or reading a book, but don't forget to not skip out on the sweets! I mean, who doesn't love chocolate?

Pick a Good Flick That Everyone Likes

Ask others what types of movies/shows that they like, or do classic that appeals to all audiences. I personally love to watch a good comedy when I'm enjoying my cozy Fall nights in, but I also love a good Romance Comedy as well. Laughter really gets my mood in a good place!

Pick a Good Read That Has You Zoned Out

Set your timer, and zone out in a good book. Free your mind of distractions whenever you are reading to give you a chance to really soak up the pages!

Did Someone Say Bubble Bath?

I mean, how could you turn away a night of slow jams, with a bubble bath? Besides the bubbles, pair a book/glass of wine while enjoying your quiet time. You can also wash right up with our Lavender Bar, and the sweet scent of Lavender will calm your mood right away!

Set the Right Atmosphere

Now, I LOVE a good fall candle! There's nothing like filling the room in an undeniable aroma of the mountains while relaxing. If you want to play some light music in the background to help you read, or dim down the lights so that you can watch a movie, it's all up to you! For example, I like to have a lavender diffuser going in the background, and that Lavender Essential oil, calms me right down.

If you have any tips for a nice Cozy Fall Night In, let us know in the comments below! We included the links to the Old Fashion and Warm Apple Cider, enjoy!

Until Next Time,

Ashley x Shana

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