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How to Switch to Natural Products

It can seem like an endless cycle going through products at home. Figuring out what to trash, or stash can be a challenge, but we got you covered! Making the switch means saving your soft skin from being exposed to harsh chemicals. Products listing a bunch of complicated names that google has to explain isn't ideal for us. Those types of products are harmful to your body and can leave a significant impact on the environment. Choosing clean products is important to us and our community. Products with superior quality ingredients, that contain plenty of vitamins and minerals are important for regular skincare routines. The body recognizes these ingredients and absorbs them as nutrients it needs. Much like eating a diet of natural products, instead of processed, natural skincare and beauty products feed and nourish your skin in a way that leaves it healthier over time. Take a look at how making the switch to natural products is a lot easier than you thought!

1. Make Small Changes

Listen, I know that making the switch can be completely overwhelming. It's so important to go small when starting out. Little things like switching to a fluoride-free toothpaste and natural soap were one of my top priorities. It's up to you to decide what to switch first, but starting in the Artless Skincare shop, is a great start! The best part about this is, that little changes always add up over time, so don't stress about it!

2. Go at Your Own Pace

This isn't a competition, this is a lifestyle change. Don't be afraid to start slow, pick an item, and when you want to add more than pick another. Once you speed up the process it could feel more daunting than invigorating. I think that "natural" looks different for everyone, so just try to keep it simple. Don't move on to the next product until you feel inspired to try more products out.

3. Research Essential Oils

Seriously, Essential Oils are a gift from nature! You can make roller scents for perfume, and even add them into our face masks. The best part about Essential Oils is that it's all-natural and they have natural healing properties! Be careful to not get them confused with fragrance oils, fragrance oils are synthetically made.

4. You Don't have to be a Hippie or Vegan to be Chemically Free

When you think about making the switch to natural products, you may think of a woman running through a sunflower field. She, of course, has natural hair, a long maxi dress, and is running towards her organic salad with zero meat in this scene. We are firm believers in BEING YOU! However natural looks to you, that's how it should look.

5. Don't Be Scared to Experiment

Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch. Seriously, don't get discouraged because you haven't found the right fit for you yet. Trust me it's out there; people are realizing that it's time for a change! If there isn't a product out there for your specific need, find out how to make your own! Don't be shy, #womensupportingwomen over here! Tell us what your favorite natural products are in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Ashley x Shana

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