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The Number One Thing That Single-Handedly Changed The Game For My Skin Care Routine....

On top of getting your hair, nails, eyebrows, and etc done....they've added getting monthly facials to keep your skin glowing. A facial can be anywhere from $75-$100 unless you can snag a Groupon for about $50. I just simply started doing what ANY hard-working millennial momma with bills on top of bills on top of bills would do.....STARTED DOING MY OWN!

Don't worry...I'll make this easy...

I learned that facials were basically the same thing that I was already doing, except for one key missing part, the steamer! First, you start off with cleansing your face, then you exfoliate by some sort of scrub, followed by steam, a mask of your choice, add toner(my FAV part), and finished by moisturizing. I don't do any extracting because I think that it should be done by ann professional, so it won't leave any scarring.

Facials, once a week, are apart of my own self-care routine. I surround myself around Bath and Body Works candles, and really play up my atmosphere. Playing some nice slow music on my phone really helps me relax and zone out. Try putting your phone on Do Not Disturb, and use your favorite facial care products.

Skin Tip: A face steamer adds moisture to a dry face, and opens up your pores. You need your pores opened so that the product can really seep in your skin. They also relieve sinus congestions and promote blood circulation to your face. I recommend at the end of the day, take 10-15 minutes for a proper face cleaning routine. I only detox with masks and serums once a week, not daily. We recommend that you cleanse your face with our Citrus Bar, pat your face dry (do not rub!), add toner, and then a moisturizer for your maximum results!

I've included the steamer that I bought. It was affordable, and I haven't had any complaints. Happy Cleansing Ladies!!


Until Next Time, 

Ashley x Shana

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