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The Start of Artless Skincare...

September is here, and time is flying by! It's officially been a month and a half since my partner Ashley and I decided to launch Artless Skincare! That's right, you heard me correct, we had an idea, and went full force! None of that evil little voice inside your head telling you that you CAN'T do something, that you aren't ready, or that you aren't good enough! Imposter's Syndrome can really get the best of you and block your dreams ladies. Screw the voice, we knew we had something great, and knew we had to share it with the world. Let's dive right in...

How Frustration Can Lead You to a Creative Place

My 6-year-old daughter, London, has extremely bad eczema. Still looking back to her 6th birthday party videos, the entire happy birthday song, she scratched herself. My best friend, Ashley, suggested "natural soap" despite, the Dove that I'd been so fond over the past few years. After asking around, I just decided to take the chance and make the soap myself. Knowing exactly what was going in the product, was a big winner. The fun part was googling the different healing properties of Essential Oils, what kinds of soap are the best for dry skin, and how designing your own soap seemed so fun! I called Ashley, and I told her of what I had found out about natural soaps because wanted to make some soap for herself. She had been buying from other people for a few months to try to find a bar of soap for her psoriasis.

How We Knew We Had Something Great

After the first batch of soap, London's skin went from red and inflamed to just a little dry looking, to barely anything at all besides a bleached skin spot, but I noticed that she hadn't scratched in days! I took my soap stuff over to Ashley's house so that we could experiment, and after a couple of days, her psoriasis on her neck disappeared! That's how we knew we were onto something...

How It All Came Together...

We made big batches on accident because we didn't realize how big the soap bars would be. We passed them out to people who we knew were struggling with their skin as well. The Yoni Bar is for those that get BV and yeast infections constantly. The Citrus Bar makes your face feel nice and bright. The Eczema Bar is how it all came together. The Eczema Bar got rid of Ashley's psoriasis and London's eczema flare-upnn. Body Bars were decided because we wanted to make some soap to replace our everyday soaps. We used the Body Bars and noticed that we no longer needed lotion, we used our Yoni Bar and noticed that we no longer had heavy cramps on our period, and we used our Citrus Bar and noticed that people at work would tell us how we "looked different" even with no makeup on. When we say that we started Artless Skincare with YOU in mind, we aren't kidding. This line is handcrafted with the thoughts of you being frustrated about your skin because we hear ya!

Thank You So Much!

We really appreciate each and every person who took a chance on our line! For every person that we tried to GIVE stuff to because we saw a need and they told us no, we want to BUY it from you, THANK YOU! Every person who came to us and told us that their child stopped itching in the middle of the night, THANK YOU! Lastly, for every person who told us that our soap has made a difference in your skin, we THANK YOU! This is just the beginning of our journey, and we are truly grateful for you being along the ride with us!

Until Next Time,

Ashley x Shana

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