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Top Ways to Make 2020 Count!

The old saying, "The world doesn't owe you sh*t" comes to my mind when I think about these past 10 years. You can grow or not, but the choice is called accountability. Ah yes, that word that nobody likes because it's like you staring in a mirror telling yourself that it isn't you? What if we told you that the next year of your life could be WAY better than before? 2020 wants to see you looking in the mirror and winking at the person you see, no shame over here! The definition of insanity is expecting different results doing the SAME thing over and over, right? We are about to give you some life tips that will help you out in the next decade, tough love style of course!

Choose Your Environment Wisely

Have you ever woke up and decided to have a really good day, but when you got around a certain environment, your whole mood changes? I'm going to be nice when I say this...STAY AWAY FROM THERE! When something or someone is constantly dimming your shine, it's worth it to seek the answers why. Being in a toxic environment when you are trying to create a space of change, doesn't work. Think of a flower, it can't grow properly in a dark place, and neither can you.

Money is a Tool, Not a Destination

Money isn't the destination, it's the fuel to get you there. In 2020, let's stop trading so much of our time for money. Money is something that comes and goes, it's always there to have and to lose. Time leaves us, and we can't ever get that back, therefore, it's invaluable.

Booked and Productive

Let's leave "booked and busy" as a term for the past because why be busy if it's not being productive? We've all seen the countless amount of journals that look pretty, but have no words in them. How about the Starbucks pictures that people post with a laptop showing a blank document? Stop telling people what you're doing, and just SHOW them! Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in making things look pretty, we forget to put the effort in what's most important.

Your Therapist Can't Do ALL the Work

I had an appointment to see my therapist, and just like I have seen on TV, I scheduled another appointment to see her in another two weeks. Can you believe that she canceled the appointment and sent me an email explaining why? She told me that we had talked, she had given me homework to do, and there is no way that I could have completed the homework in just two weeks. It was at that moment that it hit me why therapy never worked in the past. I told her my thoughts, she explained to me why I feel that way, told me to do exercises so that my outcome is different, and it was up to ME to make the effort to change things in my life. Wow oh wow, what accountability can do for your future girl.

Less Judgement

Do you ever like to sit and people watch? I love to go to the mall, sit in a spot, and look at people passing by. I wonder what the people in the car next to me at a stoplight is having for dinner tonight. I wonder if the lady with the crying baby at the store has been told that she was beautiful today. Taking the time to stop judging, gives you a chance to have empathy for another person. Maybe having more empathy for others will let you have more empathy for yourself. Do some self-reflecting and forgive yourself. Let us know in the comments how you will make the next year count with some of your own tips!

Until Next Time,

Ashley x Shana

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